Top 6 reasons you really need to date a pilot. Ever wonder the method that you could fly all over globe for close to absolutely absolutely nothing?


The clear answer is easy: Date a pilot. Predicated on my experience, I reveal the concealed great things about dating a guy whoever workplace could be the sky.

There’s one thing irresistible about a guy who is able to make one hundred a lot of steel soar through amolatina the atmosphere, whom travels to exotic places for a basis that is daily that knows exactly exactly just what every blinking light into the cockpit means. We should be aware — I’ve been dating one for the past 36 months. Aside from the pilot mystique, there are lots of more down-to-earth factors why pilots make exemplary boyfriends (or husbands, if you’re so likely).

If you’re into jet-setting. On his travel benefits if you’ve been dating long enough, there’s a good chance your pilot will put you.

What this means is you are free to jet throughout the world for rates regular fliers would destroy for. (People in aviation call this non-revving — as in, the airline derives little if any income from having you as being a passenger. ) You realize you’ve strike the boyfriend jackpot when you’re able to travel top class to Paris for $200 trip that is round! Continue reading